Basic Tarot Reading

In order to truly get to the depths of your questions, I have found that a good
one on one reading takes at least one hour.  This allows us time to explore the
stories behind your questions and uncover any blockages or hidden agendas
that you might be carrying to keep you from fulfilling your dreams.  

There may also be times when we will need to spend more time on your issues
and can set up a longer time or a series of meetings to go over more aspects
of the situation.  

By communicating with me prior to your reading and letting me know the
nature of your questions and the stories behind them, I can develop a personal
layout that allows us to go deeper into the issues at hand.  

I would also request that you share your date of birth and place,
and if you have it, the exact time.  
This will give me even more insight when doing your reading.  

Please call me at (630)222-1174
or write me at to setup a consultation.

Currently I am working out of the offices of
Taking Control in North Aurora, IL by appointment only. Or we can set up a
time to communicate via Skype on the computer.

30 minutes - $35.00                     

One hour - $60.00                   

90 minutes - $80.00                     

All readings can be recorded as an MP3 file if requested.

Birthday Reading

This can either be done
in the month prior to your birthday
you can have it done at the start of your new year.

(This would be recorded to be sent to you
as an MP3 file and also as a Word Document.)

This reading shows you the upcoming trends of your
life.  What does the new year hold for you?
What obstacles might you come upon
and how should you deal with them?  
What energies will surround you?

I will use The Goddess Oracle as a guide post of the
main archetypal energy you will be dealing with in the
upcoming year.

I will pull two Faerie Oracle cards to show you
who walks beside you in the faery realm.

I will use the Sacred Geometry Deck to show you
the energies you can expect.

I will also use at least two other oracle decks to assist in
giving you some of the tools you use in navigating your
path in the upcoming year.

I will also check out your birth chart for additional insights.

Please send me your complete name and date of birth.  
I will need the day, the time and the place.  
Please be as accurate as possible.  
If you cannot  find the exact time, please let me know
that it is an estimated time.


Astrology Readings

Not  your normal astrology reading!
I use planetary cycles, asteroids and current aspects to show
you what your upcoming trends are and
how past events can show you what to expect in future cycles.
Please contact me first!

60 Minutes - $125.00