My name is Razena Marie.  I work with the Divine Feminine.  I encourage the Divine
Masculine.  I strive for the marriage of the two into the Divine One.  I take the action of
learning about who I am so that I can merge into what I am.  For each of us, this is a different
journey.  It is my personal work to help create the space for others to undertake this journey
into their own inner being.

I facilitate a women’s group that meets monthly,
Circle of Doyennes, Celebrating the Emerging Goddess!
We meet to talk, to dance, to meditate together, to heal and to honor each other.  We work with
the  Goddess Archetypes, and learn to take that energy into ourselves to recognize that we are
each a Goddess in our own rights.

I am currently facilitating a group working with the cycle of the planet Venus in the style of the
myth of the Descent of Inanna.  In
BECOMING VENUS, we will be using guided meditation
with the myth in the 19 month cycle of Venus to integrate our shadows and balance our inner

I have been a licensed Chakradance facilitator since 2014.  
CHAKRADANCE is a dance practice
for body and soul. It’s a powerful experience that will free and energize you. It combines
spontaneous dance, guided imagery and music to promote that wonderful state of calm vitality
known as “wellbeing”.

In the past I have led women’s retreats at the beautiful nature sanctuary,
Lothlorien, in
Needmore, Indiana and also in Northern Illinois.  We have followed Inanna’s descent into the
Underworld, uncovered sacred jewels of our own inner beings.  We danced the dance of the
Chakras and connected to our inner Chakra guardians.  Most recently, we took the journey of
The Skeleton Woman and  merged our Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in Divine
Marriage.  We have cried, we have laughed, we have danced, we have created community.  
Most importantly, we have each grown and started the journey into our own individual

I invite you to join my friends and me as we further our growth on this path called