Within Every Woman is a Goddess!
These cards are tools we use to tap into the depths of ourselves in order to see where we are going,
why we are where we are, or what we will do in regards to certain situations.
All people have the ability to "know their future".
It is simply a matter of tuning into the knowledge we all have buried within us.

The Tarot

I have many tarot decks that I use.  But these re my favorites.
The Connelly Tarot deck  by Eileen Connelly is the one that I had traditionally used the most.  It is a beautifully colored deck that resonates with me.  
However, recently two decks have come to me that resonate even more and they are the decks I am using.  
The first deck is the
Gateway to the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.  It is a brilliantly colored deck with very inspiring images.  
The second deck that I carry with me is the
Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.  I have watched this deck unfold over the years and as soon as it
came out I ordered it.  The readings I have done using it have been so wonderfully explicit this is the one that will become my favorite.

The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky

This deck celebrates the many faces of the Goddess.  It offers insights and guidance for handling the challenges facing you and
the techniques for nurturing wholeness in every aspect of your life.
I try to start every day with a Goddess Card.  It will show me what part of myself I need to nurture during the upcoming day

The Goddess Knowledge Cards

In learning about goddesses from different cultures, we can recognize these archetypes as parts of ourselves, allowing us a clearer vision of our
strengths and weaknesses and giving us a common thread, a link to the collective unconscious.  

Oracle of the Goddess by Anna Franklin

The Oracle of the Goddess utilizes twenty-five multicultural aspects of the Goddess, depicted in the twenty-five cards of the deck, to help the reader
explore his or her spiritual path, and determine past, present and future life trends.

Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck by Francene Hart

This divination tool is based on the ancient science and sacred language of geometry.  When I found this deck, I was elated.  
I had just started my journey working with vibrations and harmonies in astrology and music.  
It is a fabulous deck for learning about your connection to the Universe around you!

The Faeries’ Oracle and the Heart of the Faerie Oracle

Work with the faeries, see what messages they have to offer you on your journey of adventure, discovery, and enlightenment that we call life.  
This deck has come to life for me.  The Faeries talk to me, give me grief when they need to, and love to play games with me.  
Using these cards can be very enlightening!    The second deck in this series is  just as awesome as the first!

Osho Zen Cards

This deck focuses on gaining an understanding of the here and now.  It is a system based on the wisdom of Zen, a wisdom that says events in the outer
world simply reflect our own thoughts and feelings, even though we ourselves might be unclear about what those thoughts and feelings are.  It helps us
turn our attention away from the outside events so we can find a new clarity of understanding about what is happening on our own innermost hearts.

The Power Deck by Lynn V. Andrews

This is a powerful representation of the wisdom of the universe.  
To heal the earth, we must first heal ourselves, these cards “help you find the primal source of your pain, or limitation so that it can be healed.
Each card promotes beauty, health, strength, and wisdom in your life.”

Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sands

This extraordinary tool for self-discovery draws on the strength and beauty of Native American spiritual tradition.
Developed by Native American medicine teacher Jamie Sams, this unique system distills the essential wisdom
of the sacred teachings of many tribal traditions and shows users the way to transform their lives.

Medicine Cards by Jamie Sands

Drawing on ancient wisdom and tradition to teach the healing medicine of animals, this unique and powerful divination system has found its way into
the hearts and hands of many, providing insight into – and understanding of – our purpose on Mother Earth.

The Amy Brown Fairy Wisdom Deck

The Amy Brown Fairy Wisdom Cards may be used as a bridge toward the elemental world. Their unique images and descriptions can help determine
ways you can can improve your existence upon this planet when used correctly. May the blessings of the Faeries shine over you always.

The Way of Cartouche

Cartouche acts as a bridge between day-to-day things and the transpersonal or Higher Self,
which makes it a part of the Aquarian Age – the age of individual responsibility.
This was one of my first Oracle decks after the Tarot and the Runes.

Animal Spirit Knowledge Cards

To the ancients, all things in nature had sacred or spiritual meaning.  The world was inhabited by the higher beings, who took the form of fantastical
creatures that were part animal, part human, and exceedingly powerful.  These beings are the spirit guides who lead the departed to the next life, heal
the sick and restore the balance and harmony to a troubled world.

The Mayan Oracle

The Mayan Oracle playfully aligns us with the powers of the cosmos and with our Higher Selves.  We can use these cards to get in touch with our own
sacred purpose and overcome blocks to self-awareness.  This deck is a bit deeper than the rest, but it really gives some great insights to your inner

The Phoenix Cards

Discover how the times and places of previous incarnations influence and inspire you today; understand the puzzling elements of  your personality;
come to terms with unexplained fears; and recognize latent talents with the knowledge gained from this reading.  Whether or not you believe in
reincarnation, this deck gives you a flavor of the makeup of your personality traits!

The Moon Oracle

Use the rhythms of the moon and her mysterious powers to guide your life.  
This deck can give you insights to some of the cycles around you.

The  Runes

An ancient method of divination akin to the function of the Tarot and I Ching.  The Runes were the oracle that got me hooked on oracles.
I had tried using the Rider Waite Tarot, but they just didn't sit well, so I bought The Book of Runes by Ralph Blume and off I started on this wondrous
journey of self discovery.  The Runes can offer you links to your inner wisdom.  As a meditation tool they cannot be beat.