Join me on an 19 month journey as I weave the cycle of Venus with the myth of the Descent of Inanna and other mythology.

This journey will be about learning to work with the flow of the Goddess energy in your life; to learn to face your shadows with love
and courage to bring balance and harmony into your life. We will be using the cycle of the planet Venus in relation to the Earth,
the Sun and the Moon along with other planetary bodies that they might be interacting with during this time period.

I will be recording videos with guided meditations periodically to guide you through the upcoming 19 month Aries cycle of the Venus
There is no cost; you do not have to leave the privacy of your own home.  You listen at your convenience.  I will be creating a
private forum for all those who wish to join in discussion about your insights and personal journeys.  

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This is the "legend"  or "map key" for the
entire upcoming Venus Journey in Aries.
Here I explain what this is all about, I talk
about Venus the planet, the asteroids, and the
symbols that I will use to tell my stories and
weave my web.
This video gives you some basic information about the start
of our journey.  I share some personal experiences.
I also have included an interview with the musician behind
the wonderful Venus Gong music I am using as a background -
Karen Tlusty-Rissman.
This is the journey to the conjunction of the Earth, Venus
and the Sun.

It contains stories about Isolda, Sita, and Amaterasu as
told by Kalliope and listened to by Inanna on her way to
her sacred meetup.

It then tells of her experience during her meeting with
Gaia and Helios at the sacred center of the Earth.
Venus Conjunction with the Sun - March 25th, 2017
This is the link to the page of prior videos and recordings.
The Venus Retrograde
Venus Journey Information
Meeting up with Hephaestus!

We made an unscheduled stop to meet up with
He was the husband of Venus in her role of
They had an unfinished conversation to hold.
This video tells of this conversation!